Wet Plate Collodion

This is a photographic process primarily used between 1850 and 1880. I am trying to make sure its not forgotten. It has a quality and beauty that even today cannot be matched.

The physical act of making these images is part of what makes me appreciate the result. Each image is unique. I cannot control the entire process. So much is dependent on the chemistry, the temperature, the 150 year old recipes i am using. With good technique i can influence the result but i have to work within certain limitations.

It is cumbersome and time consuming. The chemicals involved are dangerous to use some are explosive and caustic. The Silver used to make the image is expensive and fragile to contamination, nothing is easy with this, apart from maybe its ability to resonate with me.

People ask why i bother with such a difficult process when modern cameras make things so efficient. But I don’t want convenience to be the deciding factor in the decisions i make. I try to see the difference between simple things and the convenient option.

I’m not really sure where i am going with this type of photography or what effect it will have on my life. I just know i enjoy the process.